How to use a credit card to finance your studies?

Knowing how to use a credit card and invest in your education are one of the best options you can learn if you are in the race. In this post we tell you how to do it.

Using a credit card to finance your education would be one of the best investments you can make for the welfare of your economy in the future. According to statistics: People over 15 who have a professional degree have better income than those who have just finished high school. That’s why you should know how to use a credit card.

In Mexico there are banking institutions that care about the future of the youngest and have decided to provide opportunities to use a credit card to finance their university studies.

Is it necessary to know how to use a credit card to pay for your studies?

A credit card can facilitate the payment of your registration and tuition, the amount you need to pay will depend on the university of your choice and the payment deadline that fits your possibilities. It is also possible that you have a scholarship that facilitates the payment of your university career.

If your plan is to use a credit card to pay for your University, you should only have the following requirements:

  • Mexican nationality
  • Be accepted at the university
  • Have a minimum average of seven
  • Have an endorsement

Advantages of using a credit card to pay for your University

Payments are accessible

  • Financial institutions know that using a credit card to pay for your studies is not as simple as it seems: monthly payments are not as large as they are tailored to the possibilities of a student.
  • They do not require a payment to capital and you have the option to conclude your career to pay off your debt when you have finished your studies. At that time you will be working so it will be easier to pay your monthly fee.
  • Although paying a fixed monthly payment as a student can be exhausting, it is one of the best uses you can give to your credit card because it is a personal investment.

Unemployment insurance

  • When using a credit card you will always have insurance that supports you regardless of the use you give it.
  • Having an unemployment insurance is a great advantage so as not to harm your studies.
  • In addition to that your cost is within the fixed fee that you must pay monthly.

Discounts and exclusive promotions

  • Knowing how to use a credit card to pay for college can offer you discounts and promotions in a variety of national stores.
  • The use of your credit card is not limited to a particular use: so you can also use your plastic to pamper yourself from time to time.
  • I only recommend not to abuse, since using a credit card excessively can affect your long-term economy. Try to make a monthly budget to not spend on what you do not need and take advantage of this benefit in the best way.


What should you take into account before using a credit card to pay for college?

What should you take into account before using a credit card to pay for college?

  • A credit card is a tool   Financial that will help you pay your tuition, expenses in materials and if necessary in transportation.
  • It is important to use your plastic to avoid suffering indebtedness in the future, otherwise you could end up in debt and with more economic problems than at the beginning.

To know how to use a credit card to pay for your studies you must take into account the following:

Interest rate

Interest rate

There is a fixed and variable interest rate: analyze which one suits you the most, since this will depend on the monthly fee that you have to pay until you finish your university career.

Payment deadline

The more time you spend in paying, the greater the debt. Try to select the payment method that best suits your economy without being affected.


All credit cards have insurance that supports you, ask which account your plastic so you can make them valid in case it is necessary.

What other options are there to finance my studies?

There are also different options to pay for your studies without harming your economy. Next we will mention the other alternatives that you can take into account to achieve the dream of being a successful professional:


Most financial institutions provide loans to university students seeking to finish their studies. This alternative is fast, there is no need to carry out tired or complex procedures where you can select the option that best suits you depending on your university and the time of your career.

This type of financing allows the monthly payment of your tuition to be much cheaper. And you can select the payment method that you will carry out month after month with the plan to settle your debt at the agreed time.

To process it you only need:

  • Being over 18 years
  • Be admitted to the university of your choice
  • Have an endorsement

Remember that before selecting an option to finance your university career you must analyze the different options that exist with the purpose of not harming your economic stability and enjoy the benefits of having a profession.

Agreement with a university

There are universities that have agreements with financial institutions and their main objective is to support young people who seek to improve their future. At the beginning you only have to pay an amount that fits your possibilities. Dog at the end of your university career will be necessary to cover the credit.

This agreement includes insurance for lack of employment, death or disability. Some of the options that you can take into account are the following:

  • EBC
  • University of the Valley of Mexico
  • La salle university


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