Financial tips to pay for your wedding with your credit card

If you are about to start planning your wedding, surely you wonder how you can pay without suffering an economic imbalance. In this post we give you the financial advice you need to achieve it.

You are about to take a big step in your life and planning everything that is needed for this special day is not so simple. It is important that you begin to review some financial advice you need to settle every detail of your wedding.

One of the best options to save to get married is your credit card, which gives you different payment options and even discounts in some establishments. This will be a great advantage for all the expenses you will have.

Next, we will mention some financial tips that you can take into account so that you can save to get married with your credit card:

Liquidate all your debts

Liquidate all your debts


Before you start saving to get married, it is important that both pay all the outstanding debts. So they can invest in a dream wedding without having to suffer at the end of the celebration. In this new stage it is possible that they begin to organize their finances as a couple, so leaving these pending will be very helpful for their married life.



Married life carries responsibilities and partner finances are not as simple as they seem. Investing in some good for both will be the best option for your economic stability to be stable after your wedding.

  • They can invest in a department to rent it later and have a source of extra income or simply use it as a home without having to pay rent monthly.
  • They can also start a business together by financing their credit card to have better financial security.

Meet objectives


Meeting goals as a couple is one of the goals of marriage:

  • They can open an account at the bank where they allocate a portion of their income to: start their savings to get married or meet their goals in the future.
  • Learn to distribute your expenses. They will appreciate it when they see that their finances are well organized to be able to enjoy their personal tastes.

Talk about future plans



Communication is everything in life as a couple. Talk about the plans they have in the future and take into account the objectives of each one so that they can stabilize their economy throughout their marriage.

Most couples are fractured due to financial problems. So it is better to take into account every aspect that you want to fulfill throughout your life; to fulfill them together.

Now that you know what you need to save your wedding, it is important that you start planning for every detail on your big day.

There are different financial tips that you can take advantage of to make your wedding day more economical than you think:

Plan ahead

Plan ahead


The farther away your wedding date is, the cheaper you will be when you set aside the services. It will also give you time to correctly plan every detail without forgetting any of them. You can also make banquet, makeup and hairstyle tests without hurry.

Even if you already have planned to celebrate your wedding somewhere specific, you can set it aside with your credit card and save money.

Plan your wedding in the low season

Plan your wedding in the low season


That your wedding is in low season will give you more benefits than you imagine:

  • Flexibility in the selection of dates.
  • The low prices in each of the services you plan to hire.
  • In total it could cost you up to half of what you had planned.

If you plan to use your credit card to pay for your wedding can also be very advantageous, you will have double discount: for holding your celebration in the low season and for promotions that may have your banking institution with certain establishments that provide the services you need.

Economic wines

Economic wines


It is not necessary for drinks to be so expensive to be good. Although many times you have heard the opposite, the truth is that you can find a variety of exquisite wines at a lower price and at the same time you can satisfy your guests.

You can research and get a good wine with beverage suppliers and you can save up to 50 pesos per bottle if you use your credit card.

Do not buy extra food


Extra food for garbage? It could be a serious mistake. Better save that money and provide quality catering with the necessary food: correctly analyze which guests will attend your wedding and do not contemplate extra people, I assure you that you will thank them in the end.

Choose national flowers

Choose national flowers


Flowers are a fundamental element for weddings and the bride and groom always want to have the best in their celebration. If you choose national flowers you can save half of what you had planned and at the same time have seasonal flowers that perfectly adorn the style of your big day.

You can buy them with any supplier or in a trusted market where freshness and colors stand out in each of the decoration arrangements: among the most common are lilies and roses.

Do not miss the wedding expos


Believe it or not, in these Expos you can find promotions and spectacular options to make your wedding a dream. There is a wide variety of services and ideas that you can use on your big day and you can even set aside any service you want with your credit card.


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