Children and financial education: Why is it important for them to learn?

Teaching young children about finances will be of great help for their future: learning how to save and organize money will generate greater economic security.

Financial education is essential in order to have greater opportunities. Teaching children about its importance will be useful so that in their adult life they know how to manage their money in any circumstance that arises.

If you want your children to become independent and economically stable tomorrow, teaching them about the importance of managing their finances, investment and savings will be the best option. Below I will mention some relevant topics that you must take into account to begin with:

Manage your money

Explaining to children where the money comes from and how you get it will help them understand how you earn and the importance of knowing how to manage it.

Surely you want your children to be financially free. Then teach them to manage how much or little they have so that their money is well used.

The importance of saving

Few people have the habit of saving, if you teach your children the importance of distributing their money and save to have better economic solvency, in the future they will thank you.

Teach them to buy only what they need and what they can actually afford. It is possible that now they only have their allowance, but what better to learn to manage it so that in the future they do the same with their earnings.

There are also different alternatives for children to understand a little more about financial education, such as:

Table games

Table games

Board games are an excellent option for children to learn about financial education and at the same time have fun. Among the best are:


This board game is characterized by being used in family gatherings, the youngest can understand: the importance of the investment, the expenses when acquiring or selling a product or service. They can also manage their own fictitious business by saving and handling unforeseen events that arise in real life.

It is an excellent option for the youngest of the family to relate to finances and know how to solve problems that arise with their economy.

Financial lottery

The financial lottery is almost the same as the traditional lottery, only in this version children can learn about financing and financial institutions. You can identify the concepts on each card and it will be just as fun to acquire knowledge about finances with this board game.

From employee to millionaire

From employee to millionaire

This board game teaches you the importance of investment and the advantages of managing the money you have invested in a business, good or service correctly. The better you manage the savings and multiply your investment the better it will go in this board game: it is accessible and can be useful for all ages.

Weight decisions

As the name itself says, this board game is about making important decisions when you use your money in an investment. Its purpose is for children to learn the importance of undertaking social and environmental benefits.

The competition between the players is reflected in the tension that is experienced when playing between friends or family. It is also highly recommended among older children.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

There are already mobile applications that can teach children through examples and games about the importance of financial education. Among the most used are:

Aggent Piggy

This application can be downloaded on your mobile device, allows children to play with fictitious money. learning the importance of saving and making money.

My money and me

My money and I is a very simple application to use, adaptable to mobile devices and shows: the importance of saving, as well as tips to better manage your finances through exercises and stories.



The videos will always be entertaining for the little ones. Some web pages focused on the economy have thought about the importance of financial education at an early age. Here we share the pages where they are:



AgentPiggy, in addition to having its own application, shares videos on its YouTube channel providing: curious facts, stories and tips so that children begin to learn about the importance of saving, investing and managing their money.

Financial education for children

This YouTube channel has a series of videos that inform the little ones about the importance of knowing how to manage their money in the future. All with the help of two animated characters and a pet that manage to make content more entertaining for children.

Video game

Video game

What child does not like video games? To the majority and surely they will be interested in learning by this means. They can serve as an effective tool where they can quickly learn about the importance of money and finances.

The best video games to learn about finance are the following:

Game bank

In this videogame children will face: challenges of saving, means of payment and investment. They will learn basic financial concepts and relate them to images to achieve total understanding of this topic.

Quiz Business Show

Another video game that can be useful to learn about finance is Quiz Business Show. The control of fictional money in this game is through points that you get in the challenges that arise throughout the competition. It is a fun option to learn about financial education.

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