Thank you for visiting Corridorlocavore.com.  This project stems from a local MOMS Club discussion about Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. We concluded that one of the barriers to making healthy, local food choices is the difficulty in finding local producers of the foods we want to feed our family.

My goal is to create a comprehensive directory of locally grown foods and goods that my friends and neighbors can use to find vegetables, fruits, meats and other products that are made right here in Eastern Iowa.

Why choose local?

According to a 2002 report from the USDA, the average grocery item travels 1500 miles to get to your table. The local food movement is getting a lot of attention due to popularity of recent books including Barbara Kingsolver’s book and Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100-Mile Diet.

Why has the “go local” movement become so popular?

  • Shipping food all over the world consumes huge amounts of fuel for transportation and energy needed for refrigeration.  This is bad for the environment and increases our dependence on foreign oil. Local food reduces this energy use.
  • Food is often picked days and weeks early so that it appears “ripe”  when it gets to the store. This affects both taste and nutrient quality.  Local food doesn’t spend weeks on a truck and can be much fresher with the nutrients intact.
  • Only certain varieties of fruits and vegetables can withstand the transport and storage times that is required for typical distribution.  This means that the food choices that we have are based on durability and appearance rather than flavor or nutrient content.
  • People want to support their local economy by keeping their dollars within their community.
  • People want to know how their food is grown.  Factory farms are known for the horrible conditions in which their animals are raised. Knowing your farmer allows you to trust that your groceries are produced in ways that are compatible with your personal criteria for humane treatment of animals, and pesticide and fertilizer use.

How to use this site:

On the top menu bar are categories of food and goods.  Within each category are lists of local producers and information about their offerings. Occasionally a non-local item or company will be listed if it meets certain criteria for being a better decision than what is widely available.

Tips, information, resources and product reviews will also be listed to help us all make more informed choices.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there, but we will do the best we can to sort it out. A blog roll and important links can be found at the right. Local events and blog posts can be found under the “Recent Posts” headline on the right.  Subscribe to the RSS feed via reader or email to get updates as they are added.

Obviously we will be dependent on the community to keep the site up to date.  If you know of a local source or product that should be listed on our site, let me know.   At some point we may accept local producers/company to advertise to offset some of the webhosting costs. If you are interested in this service, let me know.

Also, you can get be notified of updates and participate in discussions by joining our new yahoo group!

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